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January 19, 2024

Walt Disney World VS Disneyland Genie+

Walt Disney World and Genie+

Walt Disney World offers the Disney Genie+ service. Designed to enhance the theme park experience for all visitors at Walt Disney World, the Genie+ service offers exclusivity and time saving features for that traveler looking to make the most from their vacation experience.

  • Access to popular attractions Genie+ serves as a replacement for the FastPass+ system, allowing users to access certain popular attractions with shorter wait time.
  • Genie plus users can reserve access to select attractions in advance reducing the time spent waiting in lines and maximizing the number of attractions experienced in a day.
  • For your convenience Genie+ provides mobile app integration. Making it easy for visitors to manage their reservations, view wait times, and access other park information from the mobile device.
  • Dynamic planning allows visitors to modify their plans on the go, adjusting reservations based on real time information and changing preferences.
  • Genie+ includes photo pass downloads, allowing users to access and download professional photos taken by Disney photographers throughout the park.

Disneyland and Genie+

While there are similarities between both Disney World and Disneyland, Genie+, like the ability to skip the standby line at selected attractions, there are a few differences worth noting. There is a price difference between Genie+ at Disney World and Disneyland. At Disney World, guests will be able to select either the single park option or multiple park option. Options for Walt Disney World become available at 12:00 AM on the day of the purchase. Whereas Disneyland, the purchase becomes available once you have entered the park (if you did not prepurchase Genie+ with your Disneyland package. The prepurchase option is only offered at Disneyland).

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