Portrait of Darla Forsnes

Your Fairy Godmother of Adventure

Hi, my name is Darla Forsnes. Let me tell you a little about me. I have four children in their teens and twenties, and they are my favorite travel companions! When I am not planning our travels, you can usually find me walking my mini-goldendoodle, Eleanor Rose, or pulling important papers out from under my two cats, who like to "help" me work. I love a great Broadway musical, delicious food, everything Disney, and a Star Trek marathon.

My passion for travel started when I was a young girl. Whenever my grandpa returned from his world travels, our family gathered with anticipation to hear about his adventures. He shared his stories and photos, and I was transported to faraway places I could only dream of traveling to one day. Now I am the one traveling the world!

I love exploring new locations and familiar places with my kids, learning about new cultures and foods, and finding ways to immerse myself in unforgettable experiences. I also love slowing down, connecting, and relaxing with my family in familiar places away from our everyday lives. And sometimes, I want to spend some time alone in an area that makes me smile.

Here's something else I love: creating joyful travel experiences for others.

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There are many moving parts to planning a Disney trip and Darla sorted them all for us! She navigated the many options Disney offers and presented us with great suggestions based on our preferences. Thanks to Darla's planning and advice our trip was fantastic: we got to ride everything we wanted, waited in NO LINES, and ate at amazing restaurants (ones that are hard to get into). We will be back for more help on our next trip!

~ Bryan D

Darla knows EVERYTHING about Disney! I am amazed at the tips and tricks she knows to make navigating the park so much easier! I was at Magic Kingdom on a VERY crowded day. I was feeling frustrated and discouraged. My kids were hungry. The lines were long. It was hot. I texted Darla for help and she knew exactly what to do! Within a few minutes, a had a plan for me that was perfect. In a moment that felt so hard for me, she instantly made It feel easy.

None of the Disney parks are what they were 10 years ago. Things can feel very overwhelming, busy, and unmagical very quickly. Having someone who loves Disney the way Darla does and who has stayed aware of all the changes the way Darla has really helped. Use her!! You'll be so glad you did!!

~Shelly S.

This spring our family went on our first trip ever to Disney world. It was our first real vacation in 15 years! Taking on planning this trip was exciting and overwhelming to say the least. (We hadn't been in a plane in 15 years either so just getting to Disney world was becoming a challenge).

We didn't know the first thing about Genie plus or mobile ordering going in. Darla's patience and expertise allowed us to have a well-planned and stress-free trip. We were able to get the meal reservations we wanted, including character dining which provided a much-needed break during the day. My kids were so excited to successfully book the droid-building experience as well. We even had our lightning lanes with Genie plus so that we didn't waste our day standing in line.

It was so helpful to have someone who has done it all to assist in our planning. We were able to share with Darla the kinds of things we enjoy in order to tailor our unique experience. I'm so grateful for the memories we made and the support that we had from 5 Charms Travel during the entire process to make it all happen!

~Galadriel I.

Darla is a dream to work with! Highly recommend!!

~Cherice C.

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