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Your Fairy Godmother of Adventure

Hi, my name is Darla Forsnes.

Let me tell you a little about me: 

I have four children in their teens and twenties, and they are my favorite travel companions!

When I am not planning our travels, you can usually find me walking my mini-goldendoodle, Eleanor Rose, or pulling important papers out from under my two cats, who like to "help" me work.

I love a great Broadway musical, delicious food, everything Disney, and a Star Trek marathon.

My passion for travel started when I was a young girl:

Whenever my grandpa returned from his world travels, our family gathered with anticipation to hear about his adventures. 

He shared his stories and photos, and I was transported to faraway places I could only dream of traveling to one day. 

Now I am the one traveling the world!

I love exploring new locations and familiar places with my kids, learning about new cultures and foods, and finding ways to immerse myself in unforgettable experiences.

I also love slowing down, connecting, and relaxing with my family in familiar places away from our everyday lives. 

And sometimes, I want to spend some time alone in an area that makes me smile.

Here's something else I love: creating joyful travel experiences for others.